• WSPBF2500G5
  • WSPBF2500G5
  • WSPBF2500G5
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    WSPBF2500G5 (optional)
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    MICROF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF1G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    MICROR512G5 (optional)
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    The W-DMX™ ProBox F-2500 is our Wireless DMX solution for touring, stadium and fixed installation applications, all in a single box 19” Rack unit.

    The unit supports both transmit and receive modes of DMX and RDM signals, and uses 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, giving access to more channels, and alternatives to crowded wireless environments. The F-2500 series can also be used as a repeaters, perfect to overcome obstacles or increase the wireless range. It also offers an Ethernet-based protocols as standard, such like Art-Net, sACN or ETC Net, on both incoming and outgoing streams.

    Bundled with the free RDM controller software, configuring devices connected to the ProBox F-2500 is quick and easy with any connected PC.

    • Dual Universe DMX/RDM Transmitter & Receiver or single universe Repeater
    • W-DMX™ G5 Protocol – backward compatible with G3 and G4S
    • Double-Up mode in G5: four universes in one box
    • 19” Rack-mount body with front and back connectors
    • Invisi-wire High-Fidelity Technology – Output matches Input
    • Datasafe Technology – Wireless Fidelity and Error correction
    • Less Than 5ms Latency
    • Complete DMX512 support
    • Full RDM support
    • One-button-to-go technology for ease of use
    • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio
    • 2.4 GHz – license free worldwide
    • 5.2 GHz – new, exclusive to W-DMX™ *
    • 5.8 GHz – provides access to ‘virgin’ spectrum *
    • Expandable with Ethernet lighting protocol support
    • 90v – 250v AC input or 12V DC input
    • Interchangeable antennas – easily expand your range
    • Ships standard with 3dBi indoor antenna
    • Compatible with all W-DMX™ OEM products
    • Built-in RDM controller and W-DMX™ configuration tool

    * Triple band function with 5GHz may not be availble in all countries, please contact your local dealer or Wireless Solution for more information.
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