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    ANTM7E (optional)
    Compatibile con
    ANTM4E (optional)
    ANTM7RGBAE (optional)
    ANTICE101E (optional)
    ANTDNG200FE (optional)
    Liquido per FOG machine, water-based, rapida dissipazione, tanica 5L #0

    Software / Files

    M-7 is the new fog machine by Antari able to emit a high-pressure vertical jet, simulating the special effect that until today has been achievable only with CO2 based machine. The special design of the pump and heater allows an instant emission of start and stop, with a jet which reaches a considerable height, and through the use of specific liquids also the fading is almost immediate in the environment. Thanks to the crown of 22 RGB LED 3W each, M-7 lets you paint the jet of the smoke of any colour, providing unprecedented versatility and creativity. The positioning of the tank inside the machine is fitted for both applications with emission upwards or downwards thereby allowing the assembly both from the ground in suspension. 


    New structure design for multiple angle rigging
    Fluid tank compartment for ease of transportation
    Solid sturdy structure of machine body convenient for transportation
    Huge output volume with RGB LED effects
    Power: 230V
    Breaker: AC-230V, 9A/250V
    Power consumption: 1550W
    Fog output: height 5 m, width 1 m
    First heat-up time: 5 min
    Max operating time: 8 sec
    LED source: 22 x 3W RGB LED (8R, 7G, 7B)
    Tank capacity: 2,4 litres
    Fluid consumption rate: 150 ml/min
    Control: onboard control panel, wireless remote DMX master/slave
    Remote included: W-2 wireless transmitter
    Weight: 11,5 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 193x345x385,7 mm
    Liquid used: Antari FLC water-based fluid

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